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Social Impact Award

The Social Impact Award is an international initiative operating in 19 countries that offers assistance to ambitious young individuals who aspire to use their innovative ideas to address social and environmental issues.

Participation in the Social Impact Award programme provides a valuable experience for both the youth and society, regardless of whether they choose to apply their knowledge in social entrepreneurship, public or private organisations, or other forms of community engagement.

In Slovenia, there are over 300,000 young people who possess tremendous potential for change. The Social Impact Award aims to cultivate their social entrepreneurial talent by providing comprehensive educational programmes and support to the next generation of social entrepreneurs. Presently, only a small fraction of students in formal education are exposed to entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship concepts, and even fewer receive assistance to develop their social entrepreneurial ideas.

We are confident that the Social Impact Award programme will reach a significant number of students and enable them to unleash their potential as social entrepreneurs

For further details, please visit the programme’s website.